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This fondue pot is designed with semantic cues and a new bowl design to better distribute heat. Chocolate fondue is all about brining people together and sharing an experience around a communal bowl. Chocolate brings people together and the fondue pot itself should facilitate that. Semantics are used to communicate where to place the candle and fondue forks as well as communicate themes of comfort, unity, and warmth. The new bowl is designed to better distribute heat to avoid burnt chocolate. Chocolate makes people happy and that happiness should be shared. 

The Problem

Through my own experience having chocolate fondue and reading reviews of other fondue pots on the market, I found the following problems with existing chocolate fondue pots:

the problem_The Problem.jpg


I started with thumbnail sketches to ideate different forms, then moved into more detailed sketches to explore how the fondue pot could be made from different pieces. I then ideated around where to rest the fondue sticks when not in use. Next, I compared and experimented with different scales and dimensions using sketches as well as scale paper cut-outs. Throughout this process, I researched semantics and thought of ways to work subtle cues into my design. 

Sketches - Highlighted.jpg

As I sketched, I made small clay models to help visualize the forms in 3D. I then moved into full-scale paper models and then blue foam to explore fondue stick placement and form further.

the problem_process.jpg

Semantic Details

The followings semantic details were built into the design:

Fondue Boards-02.jpg
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